Done-For-You Podcast Production, Distribution, and Strategy

Do you dread listening and/or watching yourself after recording? Well, we love it.

Done-For-You Podcast Production

So not only will we edit your podcasts for you, but we'll build out a workflow that allows you to turn your purpose into a podcast that profits.

We do all the heavy lifting for you if you're willing to show up and record. Here's how it works

  • You talk out your podcast idea with me (for FREE) so we can begin to shape and mold your concept into a top ranking show
  • I'll help pick out equipment & software that maximizes your budget and time
  • Once your equipment arrives, we'll hop on another call to help you setup your new gear to make sure you have everything ready to record!
  • We'll talk through ideas for naming your show, podcast cover art, and your first 10 episodes
  • We'll help you personalize our tested scripts that help you find and book your dream guests
  • Based on your monetization goals, we'll design a promotion schedule to help you get more reach
  • Once you record your first few episodes, you hand them off to us via Google Drive or
  • We then get to work on your episode! Turnaround time is between 3-7 days depending on the your episode length, requirements, etc.
  • We upload, publish, and schedule your episodes to Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube, Amazon Music, and much more.
  • As new directories come out, we make sure your podcast becomes available on those platforms
  • As we get to know you, we help you get better at telling your story
  • As you run into challenges, we're here to help troubleshoot your workflow
  • As you master the Level 1 work of podcasting, we'll help you refine your reach and distribution strategies
  • and so much more!

Our packages

You have us in your corner posting regularly even when you don't feel like it.

Essentialist Package

Audio Production

  • You record up to 60min episodes with a guest or solo (if longer, let us know here)

  • Fully edited episode is published weekly on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, and dozens of other directories

  • Show Notes + Transcription for Blogs and Websites (SEO)

  • One Audiogram Clip (up to 12min) with captions & artwork for social media platforms

Complete Package

Video + Audio Production + 2 Clips

  • Everything in the Essentialist package

  • Editing your weekly video podcast optimized for YouTube (up to 60min, if longer let us know here)

  • 2 Clips for more reach and distribution (one under 3min, one under 10min) optimized for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, newsletters, LinkedIn, and more

  • Thumbnails for YouTube videos to improve your click thru rates

  • Titles, descriptions, and chapters to improve viewer retention and watch time

Plus Package

Video + Audio Production + 4 Clips + 2 Graphic Posts

  • Everything in the Essentialist + Complete packages

  • Up to 90min recording time for audio & video podcasts

  • 4 Clips to improve reach & distribution on social platforms (under 60sec-10min) Instagram, TikTok, newsletters, LinkedIn, and more

  • 2 Graphic posts that help promote your show (quotes, swipable carousel posts for Instagram, etc)

Here's what we do to your recordings


  • Addition of graphic elements
  • Layout design
  • Color correction
  • Audio-Video sync
  • Episode trimming from start to end
  • Everything in the Audio section


  • Audio-mastering
  • Noise & echo reduction
  • EQ and compression to get better sounding audio that has consistent volume
  • De-essing to remove harsh sibilance
  • De-clicking to reduce clicks and pops occurred during recording

Want to record longer episodes?

We value listening and processing your recordings. And we manage plenty of shows that go for 90min to 2 hours+ sometimes! So to make this accessible, for every 30 minutes of audio enhancement, it is an additional $45 per episode. For every 30 minutes of video enhancement, it is an additional $90 / episode.

How long does it take to turnaround your episode?

If your episode is under 60min and mainly audio, 3-5 days.

If your episode is under 60min and ALSO VIDEO, then 5-7 days.

If your episodes are over 60min, it's more to process, so please allow an additional day or two.

You may need to place an episode on rush delivery if your publish date is faster than the above times. For ex. You publish on Wednesdays at 8am. But you don't have the episode recorded and handed off until Sunday afternoon.

Don't worry, we've been there. We can take this off your plate without having to stress out. The rush fee is $75 for mainly audio. And $150 for video versions.

What if I need it faster?!

Don't worry, we've been there. You may need to place an episode on rush delivery if your publish date is faster than the above times. For ex. You publish on Wednesdays at 8am. But you don't have the episode recorded and handed off until Sunday afternoon.

We can take this off your plate without having to stress out. The rush fee is $75 for mainly audio. And $150 for video versions.

Josefine H. - Celebrity Trainer, 2021 NPC European Pro Champ - Sweden

“I really wanted to start a podcast, but I literally didn't know where to start or how to do it. All these tech things were so intimidating for me. I was like "I have no idea if I can actually talk on a podcast and host my own show." Then I was so lucky to meet Misbah and we talked about it. And I was like, ‘Omg, this is literally what I have been looking for!’ He taught me how to think when I record things. And helped me to overcome all the obstacles that I had in my head going into it. He helped me to overcome imposter syndrome. He helped me to brainstorm ideas for topics or who to have on my podcast, if I should do it on my own, or if I should have guests and, and everything helped me so much. It took the guesswork out of it. [Without Misbah], I would probably not even have started my own podcast still. I'm so thankful for everything he does for me every week. And I can't wait to keep working with him.”

Athan S. – Gym Owner, Austin, Texas

"I can't recommend this service enough. If you're like me, and you feel like you've got something to say you've got something that you want to give to the world, but you're not quite sure how to do it. This is this is a great place to start. So don't hesitate. Check these guys out. You won't regret it."

Dan & Elise - Coach & Nutritionist, Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Misbah has catapulted our business forward in the best ways possible.

He has been with us each step of the way, supporting us, guiding us, and most importantly giving us systems and implantations to grow our company at a rate we never thought possible. His knowledge and expertise are unmatched.”

A few podcasts we've produced

Who's this guy?

Misbah Haque is an Indian-American comedian, podcast producer and owner of Pod Mahal in Philadelphia. You can catch him on Tough Times, The Human Evolution Project, Miz Unfiltered and his comedy podcast, Purebred Weirdo. He’s performed at Helium, Broadway Comedy Club and opened for headliner Chuck Nice at Soul Joel’s Comedy Club & Lounge. His favorite venue is the one behind his eyelids.

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